Take control of enterprise peer reviews with our new Playbook

B2B review sites like G2, Gartner Peer Insights, IT Central Station and TrustRadius are the new battleground, and they’re here to stay. But from the thorny question of who owns them to encouraging customers to submit reviews, they’re a headache for vendors.

We’ve just launched a new Playbook, advising on how and why to approach reviews, and outline why it’s important to be in the running when it comes to Gartner’s Customers’ Choice.

Outlining how to develop strategies and highlighting best practice in managing the leading enterprise review sites, the Playbook is backed by in-depth research, including interviews with review sites, plus marketers, customer success teams, and AR professionals working for vendors.

For all review sites, one thing is crucial: trust. The Playbook explores the constant trade-off between generating large volumes of reviews and ensuring they are free from bias, and insights into the steps that sites take to validate reviews. Finally, the Playbook takes a look into the future – in a world where the use of artificial intelligence will start to influence vendor selection.

Effective AR gives sales an unfair advantage

Measurable, targeted industry analyst relations enables vendors to unlock new deals, boost market recognition and remove any deal-breaking roadblocks. Destrier AR focuses on forging the link between effective analyst relations and driving the bottom line.

We guide clients in determining where Analyst Relations can be most effective in delivering the biggest impact on sales.

And we create and implement meticulously-focused AR programs to leverage the invisible hand of industry analysts, helping give vendors an unfair advantage.

Win new deals by leveraging analyst influence

Some analysts are simply more influential over buyers than others – yet it is not always obvious who these analysts are. One thing is clear: they are not necessarily the analysts who make the most noise.

At Destrier Analyst Relations, we focus on enabling clients to identify and engage effectively with the right analysts, to help increase influence and drive sales. We’re influencing the influencers, by focusing on industry analysts who review RFPs and advise enterprise customers on vendor selection.

Win new business

Analyst endorsement is a powerful sales driver. We create and implement high-impact, strategic influencer engagement programs designed to make analysts lean in and pay attention. Our goal is to ensure analysts are enabled to make valuable endorsements for vendors.

Analysts can also make or break vendors’ reputations. Recognition, endorsement and ultimately recommendation by analysts – from flagship reports through to 1:1s on the phone – helps vendors reach new customers and conquer new markets. 

Lock-in influence via regular analyst updates

Making sure you update the analysts regularly is important – as is finding out exactly what analysts are telling prospects and customers. Only when you know, can you put in place an effective program to address concerns and cautions.

With a focus on regular touchpoints, we enable vendors to guide the hand of influential analysts, effectively influencing the influencers.

Our very focused approach is also great value, since it concentrates on only the handful of analysts who can help deliver an incredible boost to a vendor’s bottom line.

Leverage analyst expertise and grow market share

Industry analysts can play an instrumental role in the development of new products, services and solutions. If you wait until you’re launching then you’re missing a trick.

We enable vendors to tap into analyst know-how and wisdom when it comes to new product and service development – taking a chance to listen the analysts’ views in a phase where it’s still possible to factor in their views. When you want to be a leader, asking analysts what it would take for your new product to become a leader is a sure-fire bet.

Coach the next generation of AR stars

Our expert team is experienced in mentoring and coaching rising AR stars, sharing our hard-won knowledge and experience with a new generation of in-house analyst relations professionals.

Benefit from our long-standing relationships – as recognized by the analysts themselves – and a strong reputation for delivering results. We help ensure that in-house AR programs are effective and follow best practice.

Run world-class AR events

Analyst events are a staple for medium- and large-size vendors: A cost-effective mechanism for in-depth engagement with hand-picked industry analysts.

Our team has run numerous dedicated AR events, as well as event-within-events for analysts – taking an outside-in approach to focus on delivering what the analysts want – which is generally access to executives combined with a business update.

Move the dot: Create industry-leading in-house AR

Established, successful in-house teams can also benefit from specialized AR agency support – whether it’s an independent audit of tiered analyst lists, best-practice coaching or to provide additional resources in moving the dot on a Gartner Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave.

We integrate seamlessly with in-house AR professionals as well as adding an extra level of AR expertise to PR teams trying to get their arms around the world of analyst relations. Whether it’s a big project or event, or just needing a sounding board, we’re on hand to share our hard-won experience.

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