Industry-leading analyst relations training

Destrier AR makes the full range of KCG award-winning analyst relations services widely available in mainland Europe.

The Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) is among the most-established firms providing advisory services to companies that are looking to better understand the world of analyst relations. KCG delivers this through a broad portfolio of coaching, training and consultancy modules. Founded by Bill Hopkins, a former analyst at leading advisory firm Gartner, KCG also wrote the authoritative book on AR, Influencing the Influencers.

Dr Carlo Velten, founder at independent analyst firm Crisp Research, based in Kassel, Germany, says: “Analyst firms like Crisp are always delighted to work with AR professionals who are familiar with the value-add that we can provide to their business. All too often, companies that don’t properly understand AR quite simply miss the chance to shine in reports or studies that have the potential to propel them to the front of their market – which means leaving deals on the table.”