To kick off 2018, we’re launching Destrier Analyst Relations. Our new dedicated practice is focused on industry analyst relations, and underlines growing vendor recognition of the influence wielded on deals by analysts.

Destrier AR is taking a metrics-driven approach to analyst relations, with programs and strategies intended to influence the influencers. Our mission is to ensure that vendors can unlock the true value of analyst relations to drive sales.

This new website – – outlines the many benefits for vendors of engaging effectively with selected industry analysts, and helps underline the huge differences in approach between PR and AR.

Industry Analyst Relations: Our focus

Destrier Analyst Relations focuses on forging the link between effective analyst relations and driving the bottom line. Our measurable, targeted approach to AR enables vendors to unlock new deals, boost market recognition and remove deal-breaking roadblocks. We bring expertise, experience and industry connections to help keep our clients top of mind among target analysts. Our website is also available in German.

Available globally, the Destrier range of services includes AR program and event management, supporting in-house marketing and AR teams, as well as running fully outsourced AR programs and events.

Access to KCG AR services in mainland Europe

Destrier Analyst Relations is the exclusive mainland European partner of KCG, the leading global authority when it comes to industry analyst relations training. We provide the full portfolio of KCG AR services, including the industry-standard for AR teams, Working with the Analysts, completed by more than 3500 AR professionals worldwide.